Four years since the founding of the "Visit Hebron - Palestine" Initiative‏

1555593 10153710107975711_1849499714_nFour years since the founding of the " Visit Hebron " Palestinian Initiative , which aims to encourage visiting the city of Hebron , Providing information places of historical and archaeological sites and seeks to highlight the long history of Hebron, which is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

The initiative aims to encourage the Palestinians and Internationals to visit Hebron governorate. The initiative hosted during the last four years more than a thousand delegation of different nationalities , and has done tours of Hebron for groups and individuals of different nationalities as well as visitors from Palestinians who live in the Diaspora.

More than 5 guides works in "Visit Hebron - Palestine " Initiative , are doing Awareness Tours of Hebron city , the old city, the Ibrahimi Mosque , the closed Shuhada Street , Tel Rumeida , Old city Museum, Roof tops, visiting Palestinian families, and areas adjacent to the settlements .

The founder of the initiative " Visit Hebron - Palestine" Tareq Altamimi mentioned that they are doing lunches with poor families in the old city as a way to support them and give them a chance to learn about their daily life suffering from the occupation, as well as organized visits to families who are suffering from the occupation and settlers in order to strengthen their persistence on their hands. The initiative has been receiving diplomats, ambassadors , international figures , and lecturers and students at universities.

The tours included The Ibrahim Mosque , in which the guide familiarize participants with its history , and the history of its construction and expansions that got the walls built around the building , the tombs of the prophets and their spouses buried in it, where the tomb of Abraham and his wife, Sarah, the shrine of Jacob and his wife , Isaac and his wife is located in the old cave which was bought by Abraham .

Also included tours to the old city, the Municipal Museum, the ancient alleys and streets of old Hebron , where highlighted the suffering of the people of Hebron settlement , due to the five settlements that surround the Old City from each side and an in-depth visit to families who live in the area.