A Groundbreaking New App to Launch, Promoting Tourism in Palestine

IpadBy Mariam Nabil/PNN Exclusive

Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) in Beit Sahour is due to launch a new and free application to be used on smart phones and Apple devices to promote tourism easily among tourists who would like to know more about Palestine.

The application entitled "Palestine and Palestinians", which will be launched at the end of February through the "App store" aims at giving tourists the needed information about the Palestinian society, culture and history.

Dafer Kassis, Advocacy Officer of the ATG, said that as a new means to widely spread information about Palestine, the center decided to transfer the guide book they have made in seven languages about Palestine into an application.

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Kassis told Palestine News Network (PNN) that the application has an information section that gives general, practical and touristic details about Palestine. It includes historical, geographical and cultural explanations; such as events, transportation, directions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cultural centers, tours....etc.

He also talked about the importance of the map section. It is a very important tool because Palestine has 14 different cities, and the application gives details and backgrounds about each city. Qasis used the Nativity Church in the city of Bethlehem as an example, explaining that the app will give details on the history of the church, the directions to find the way to it and other information.

He also recommends the app to those who travel alone to get to know certain organizations that would help them during their stay in Palestine, such as ATG, Arij, Badil, Al-Ebda' Center...to name a few.

The age of Guide Books is diminishing as technology advances. This new app entitled "Palestine and Palestinians" will become an important part of the Alternative Tourism sector and improve tourists' experience by having all the needed information available in their hands.