Statistics: 600,362 Guests Stayed in Hotels in the West Bank during 2013

lovepalestainePalestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) on Wednesday said in a press release that 600,362 guests stayed in hotels in the West Bank during 2013: 38% were from European Union countries, 9% were Palestinian and 9% were from the United States and Canada.

The number of guests and guest nights increased during 2013 by 4% and 10% respectively compared with 2012.

The total number of guest nights in the West Bank hotels during 2013 was 1,467,709, of which 10% were by Palestinians, 40% were guests from European Union countries and 9% were guests from the United States and Canada.

During 2013, there were 2,797 hotel workers, of whom 24% were female.

Hotel Room Occupancy 2013

Room occupancy in the West Bank was 25% in 2013: 35% in the Middle of the West Bank, 31% in Jerusalem hotels, 17% in the North of the West Bank and 16% in the South of the West Bank.

Hotel Capacity 2013

A total of 113 hotels in the West Bank responded to the survey at the end of 2013. They had a total of 5,890 rooms and 13,458 beds, distributed as follows:

• North of West Bank: 16 hotels comprising 296 rooms with 858 beds.

• Middle of West Bank: 34 hotels comprising 1,450 rooms with 3,449 beds.

• Jerusalem: 28 hotels comprising 1,586 rooms with 3,510 beds.

• South of West Bank: 35 hotels comprising 2,558 rooms with 5,640 beds.