Launching of Abraham’s Path tourism Project in Arab Al Rashaida

apath1Mariam Nabil & Jesse Gonzalez/PNN Exclusive

The Abraham's Path tourism project was launched Wednesday in the Bedouin community of Arab Al Rashaida to develop the alternative tourism sector in Palestine, with the presence of Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Rola Ma'aya, and the Governors of Bethlehem, Abdul Fattah Hamayel, Hebron, Kamil Hmaid, and Jericho Majed Al-Fitiani, as well as representatives from French development agencies who have been involved in the project's planning.

"Panorama and Heritage of Palestine" Museum in Jenin Depicts Four Centuries of Palestinian History


Rami Deibes-PNN/Exclusive

Upon entering the museum for the first time, few visitors realize that the figures greeting them, telling the story of Palestinians throughout the past 400 years are, in fact, made ​​of concrete and iron. The figures depict every detail of life over at least four centuries, in addition to paintings, drawings and artifacts, ​​including old currencies and descriptions of significant people who lived during different periods, all of which reflect the various stages Palestinian history.

Iconography Revives in Palestine

icono by Mariam Nabil/ PNN Exclusive

The Bethlehem Icon Center launched a school to educate and revive the iconography in Palestine, seventy years after this type of art faded. Icons which are paintings that mostly depict religious images in the holy land, have become an integral part of the Christian heritage and culture.

Restoration of Nativity Church Has Commenced

MHD7By Mariam Nabil/ PNN Exclusive

The Nativity Church in Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus and an important destination for millions of pilgrims, tourists and worshipers. When entering this important historical and religious site, tourists observe the wooden roof, the beautiful clerestory windows, which are covered with mosaics depicting the ancestors of Jesus and providing illumination for the church's interior.

InterContinental Hotel Celebrates Five-Star Hotel Status

inr6Jacir InterContinental hotel in Bethlehem, a land mark in the Nativity City, celebrated its coronation as one of Palestine's "Five-Star" hotels. The celebration was held in Saraya hall in the hotel with the attendance of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Rula Maay'a, Mayor of Bethlehem Vera Baboun, Advisor on Christian relations to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Ziad Al-Bandak, as well as Bethlehem area commander Brigadier General Suleiman Qandil, Director of Bethlehem Governorate, Mr. Fouad Salem, representatives for civil and official institutions and a group of Palestinian businessmen, in addition to the chairman of the Classification Committee, Ali Abu Srour.

The Ministry of Tourism is working for the establishment of a Palestinian College of tourism within a Palestinian Perspective

adelaaa2 dBethlehem-PNN/ Hassan Abdul Jawwad- A number of tour guide students organized a protest in front of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Bethlehem against the results of exams that were organized by the ministry recently. This protest resulted in a number of issues related to Academic curriculum being taught by universities and colleges in Bethlehem to teach and train tour guides.