who we are

We are an independent Palestinian Multimedia Network which aims to promote tourism in Palestine far from the different foreign tourism programs. In other words, we aim to promote through media the various sides that tourists may experience during their visit to Palestine. We offer you full episodes that tackle all the sides of each site; such as, religious, natural and historical tourist trails, hotels and restaurants.

Our TV program is called Pal Experiment and it indicates living the Palestinian experience, and it will be displayed in English at the beginning, but with the development of the program it is suggested that it will be launched in other languages such as the Russian language and this is because of the statistics of the Ministry of Tourism that indicates that Russian pilgrims are the majority in terms of number and staying in Palestinian hotels. So, this is a step to attract these tourists.

The choice of introducing Pal Experiment in English is to attract tourists from all around the world so that they'll be able to experience being in Palestine and visiting the different religious, historical, natural places through watching the series of videos that will cover all the sides of the Palestinian life.

The main idea is to help the tourists, pilgrims, and tourist offices find a source to explore what can be seen in Palestine. So, what distinguishes the agency is that it gives the chance to whoever would like to visit Palestine to recognize the various and different places which can be experienced during his/ her visit. It also gives the chance to encourage people to visit and experience being in Palestine.

The Network will introduce a range of activities which include the production of programs, television reports, in addition to the possibility of promotion of the institutions working in the field of tourism; such as, hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies, and tourist sites in all Palestinian cities. On the other hand, it will contribute in giving guides the chance to announce themselves in special corners of the website.